We are currently developing Dyslexia Therapy Centers of Atlanta.  Our staff will work with you to develop a program that best fits your child’s educational and intrapersonal needs. We will be offering many different services from one convenient location. These will include vision therapy, occupational therapy, educational therapy, speech pathology and of upmost importance Advacacy to help get accommodations in the school system to insure your child can perform their best despite their unique differences. We will then customize a program that works best for you and your child threw our 4 step process

Give the information parents and care givers need to guide enrich and nurture their developing child.
Strengthen weaknesses through consistent and systematic researched based methods. Hitting reading math visual system speech self esteem and fine motor development
Provide knowledge and training on the use of technology to minimize your childs struggles
Provide an advocate certified by the University of Sandiago and the Dylexia Training Center specifically in the needs and legislation that protects the needs of Dyslexic students.
Many Dyslexic children find the things that come easy for other children are difficult for them. Our job here at Dyslexia therapy centers is to help them realize the gift of Dyslexia and how the hard things will easy eventually for them. For instance; thinking out side the box, problem solving global thinking and understanding advanced concepts

We will also help you work with educational advocates, who will liase with your school. We aim to help you access some of the most innovative and unique teaching strategies, to help you and your child cope with, understand, remediate and succeed with dyslexia.


  • Advice and services to parents of children struggling with reading.  We are in the process of developing a therapy center which will offer a wide range of serves for children presenting with a reading disorder known as dyslexia.


Dr. Susan has spent 13 years homeschooling both of her children, as well as teaching science labs at schools.  She is well versed in child development and special educational needs, and has a record of being able to connect with even the most challenging of children. She overcame the life long difficulties of dyslexia, graduating university with high honors, and her passion has always been to ensure that her daughter, Avery, also dyslexic, does not have to struggle and face the same challenges she did as a student.

She has spent years working with specialists and world renowned researchers in the field of reading disabilities, and is committed to preserving the self-esteem of children with dyslexia throughout their education. She is currently developing her own therapy center for children with dyslexia, where a complete range of services will be on hand to help students and parents.