Genetic Testing

Macular Degeneration
Why we offer genetic testing?

Genetic testing allows us to better predict the rate and risk of progression of macular degeneration. The first line of treatment for macular degeneration is to initiate suppliments. This testing pinpoints which suppliment variety responds best to your specific genotype.

what to expect

Genetic testing is a non-invasive office procedure where the inside of each cheek is swabbed for sample collection. For optimal sample quality, we ask that you don't eat or drink an hour before collection. Results are faxed to our practice in about 1 month and you will be notified with the results.

What is the cost of testing?

At the time of collection, $50 will be charged for collecting, shipping, and processing.

In the next several weeks, you will receive a bill from Arctic Medical Labritories. With insurance, the max a patient will be charged is $50 and medicare is completely covered. Self pay options are also available.

Sample Test Results

The bottom left corner of the report shows the 10-year macula risk score. We use these results as a tool to help determine the best treatment plan. This testing also selects the vitamin supplement formulaiton that works best for your genotype to slow progression.

Risk score

Using the macular risk score as a guide, we can better determine the best testing and schedule to monitor your ARMD. Genetic testing for macular degeneration is a powerful tool for managing treatment options.

Why is knowing your vitamin important

Genetic research reveals that zinc-based eye vitamins like AREDS/AREDS2 used to prevent the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are not safe for 15% of patients.

For AMD patients with a specific genotype, the risk of developing wet AMD is tripled by taking supplemental zinc formulations (25 mg per day and higher), which increases the risk of vision loss.